Dr. Ionuţ-Alexandru Tudorie named Academic Dean of Saint Vladimir’s Seminary
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Le Dr. Ionuţ-Alexandru Tudorie est nommé Doyen académique du Séminaire Saint-Vladimir de New York
Dr. Tudorie with SVOTS President, Fr. Chad Hatfield.
Photo credit: Alexandru Popovici

Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary [SVOTS] has appointed Dr. Ionuţ-Alexandru Tudorie to the position of Academic Dean. The Seminary’s Board of Trustees selected Dr. Tudorie, a native of Romania, on July 18, 2018 after the Academic Dean Search Committee had narrowed down the list of possible candidates to two. The announcement concludes an extended and carefully-undertaken search process that began at the start of the 2017-2018 academic year.

“There is no doubt that Dr. Tudorie brings with him extraordinary gifts and achievements that will benefit the seminary greatly,” said Archpriest Chad Hatfield, President of SVOTS. “Coming from Europe, he follows in a long-standing SVOTS tradition of importation of ‘rising stars’ from abroad.”

Dr. Tudorie has most recently served as professor of Byzantine History and Medieval Church History at the University of Bucharest. He brings expertise in Church History, Byzantine Studies, and Patristics to SVOTS in addition to proficiency in multiple languages.

“The great history of 80 years of Saint Vladimir’s Orthodox Theological Seminary with its plethora of outstanding professors, from Fathers George Florovsky to John Meyendorff and Alexander Schmemann, who shaped the theological research in their respective fields of study, would compel anyone to want to follow their footsteps,” said Dr. Tudorie. “That is why I am feeling so blessed and thankful to be given the opportunity to join this renowned institution of Orthodox learning and formation.”

Dr. Tudorie, 41, holds doctorates in both Theology and History from the University of Bucharest. Additionally, he has been the director of two advanced research projects and has served as secretary of his department and member of the Commission for Quality Education at the University of Bucharest. His research has received financial and intellectual support from prestigious international institutions, including the Netherlands Institute for Advanced Study, Dumbarton Oaks Library and Collection, New Europe College, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Romanian Academy, National Council for Scientific Research, and Institute for Research in Humanities (University of Bucharest). He comes to SVOTS highly recommended by scholars at Dumbarton Oaks. He is the author of many publications and scholarly works.  [See detailed listing and Dr. Tudorie’s CV.]

The official search for a new academic dean began in the fall of 2017.  A search committee was formed, chaired by His Beatitude, Metropolitan Tikhon. In addition to Father Chad, the committee also consisted of Archpriest Philip LeMasters, Archpriest David Barr, and Dr. Frank Cerra from the Board of Trustees, and SVOTS faculty members Archpriest Alexander Rentel and Archpriest Sergius Halvorsen. Trustee Dr. Melody M. Thompson served as a consultant on the committee.

“I want to thank His Beatitude and the members of the Academic Dean Search Committee for their labors in this long and meticulous process,” said Father Chad. “I also offer my appreciation and gratitude to Dr. John Barnet, who served capably and diligently in the interim during the search for an academic dean, and who will play a critical role in this upcoming period of transition at the seminary.”

The Search Committee was tasked with finding a visionary and inspiring Academic Dean with the skills, energy, and experience to advance the academic mission and current programs of the seminary as well as to develop new programs to meet the needs of the Church and the world in the 21st century. The Board of Trustees considered numerous factors and several candidates during the process that began with the original Search Committee’s work. In May 2018, the Search Committee presented two final candidates, including Dr. Tudorie, to the full Board of Trustees for consideration. A desire for further careful reflection and discussion extended the search process to July, when extensive, full-day interviews of both candidates were carried out before deliberations and a final decision.

Dr. Tudorie becomes the first academic dean of SVOTS under the seminary’s new governance model, which was adopted in 2016. The position differs from the defined role of the seminary Dean prior to the new governance model. The academic dean will serve as the chief academic officer, whose primary responsibilities are to lead and supervise the faculty and to oversee all academic activities of the seminary, under the supervision of the seminary’s President. The Academic Dean is appointed by the Board of Trustees and reports directly to the President.

“The challenges that the Church is facing in the 21st century require from an institution of theological higher learning a very clear strategy towards its programs of study,” said Dr. Tudorie. “I believe that my experience will facilitate my transition into the academic leadership role required to help carry out this important work.”

“With this new structure firmly in place following the appointment of Dr. Tudorie,” added Father Chad, “Saint Vladimir’s Seminary is positioned to accelerate significant growth plans aligned with our Vision 2020, ushering in the next era of graduate Orthodox Theological Education in North America.”

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Jivko Panev

Jivko Panev

Jivko Panev, maître de conférence en Droit canon et Histoire des Églises locales à l’Institut de théologie orthodoxe Saint Serge à Paris, recteur de la paroisse Notre Dame Souveraine, à Chaville en banlieue parisienne.

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