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If you wish to help our work, you can make an online donation through PayPal to the Endowment Fund for the Knowledge of the Orthodox World (Fonds de dotation pour la connaissance du monde orthodoxe).

Individuals and companies making donations can benefit from an income tax reduction. See the law applied in your own country in that respect.

The Endowment Fund for the Knowledge of the Orthodox World, was registered at the Hauts-de-Seine prefecture on March 10, 2017. It is a general non-profit organization which purpose is to enable and develop actions with a philanthropic, social, educational, or cultural character, or in view of preserving the Orthodox heritage. These actions help disseminate the knowledge of the Orthodox world, as well as events currently affecting it.

The means of action of the endowment fund are:

  • the realization and financing of projects, actions, collaborative works and events in accordance with its purpose,
  • making all appropriate arrangements to publicize these projects, actions and events, and encouraging the generosity in their favor,
  • the allocation of appropriate donations and subsidies to these various projects, actions and events, including the participation in the capital of companies pursuing one of the objects of the fund, and in particular the capital of the company ASTRA├ĆON responsible in particular for the dissemination of Christian Orthodox traditions and news on the Internet.

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Support us

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